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Keep living the dream man. Orlando!
Impressed to see you performing in Disney Spring 17 August 2019
Went to Orlando (Disney's themed water park) Typhoon Lagoon for holiday, seen Patrick Frost playing. Great music, easy to listen to, multi talented music professional. Loved your music Patrick thanks for making our visit enjoyable, , now following you on Spotify.
Hey Patrick youre amazing im from Germany and visited typhoon lagoon and heard you play and it truly amazed me you are amazing ❤❤❤❤❤
Sitting here at Typhoon Lagoon with friends listening to you. My girlfriend was blown away when you started playing the shell. Really enjoy listening to you.
Watched you perform at Orlando Disney Springs amazing variation in songs great job!
Stopped by Dockside Margaritas and had planned on taking them to go, but Tom invited us to sit down and listen to the glad we did!! We were so relaxed and entertained by your many unique talents...I had no idea you could get music out of a conch shell! I look forward to playing your CD for my husband when I get home!Thanks for making our girls'weekend at Disney so much more memorable!
Loved listening to you at disney springs.
Heard you at Disney Springs great music.
My mom and I saw you perform at Dockside Margaritas in Disney Springs for Cinco de Mayo, and you are just absolutely incredible! Thank you for entertaining us, I’m so glad to know that your cds are available on iTunes! Cheers, Patrick!
Thanks for adding another special memory to our Disney vacation great sound with a special solid entertainment set.
Awesome monkeys tribute! Keep rocking!!!!!
Listening to you @ Dockside Margaritas.... very impressed!
Awesome performance at Bahama breeze! Seeing you play the conch shell was so cool!
Very cool website, Pat!
We had a great time listening to you at Bahama Breeze!
Hi Patrick, just sitting in Disney Springs, listening to you for the second time this holiday. Just wanted you to know that we really enjoyed listening to you and especially my dad who wanted to buy you a drink but bought your cds instead as you were “driving home”. Thank you for helping make our stay very enjoyable!
Had a fabulous time sitting at the margarita bar listening to Patrick. So good wr bought both of his cd's. Thank you Patrick for a wonderful afternoon!
My good friend. It always does me good to come here and listen to you play!
Hi Patrick! Great to listen to your wonderful music again! What a talent you are! I met you when we were both working with Lenny Davis in his studio! Cheers, Kathy
We were lucky enough to catch you playing at Cypress Cove on Sunday. Thought you were fantastic can't wait to see you again
We're so lookin' forward to your performance in Solivita on 05/20/2016!
GOOO Pat! Quite spunky & entertaining! Love the liveliness and FUN. Had me 'be-bopping' around even while in a shoulder Immobilizer Sling! Quite uplifting beats and great song selections. Good job, sir! Happy to see ya doing what you enjoy and pleased that you are SOO GOOD at performing!
You are simply one of the most talented people I know.. Even if that Pbone is blue!!!!
Enjoyed your music this afternoon, please include us in your mailing list.
My husband and I are sitting and enjoying a couple of Sunset Margaritas while listening to your wonderful musical talent. This is our second time listening to you and most certainly won't be the last! You're a very talented individual and you made our Sunday perfect.
Hi Pat, We met at Disney Springs. Enjoyed listening to you on a couple different days. As a novice pan player, I also enjoyed talking with you about "playing & progressing". I purchased the cd's you had on hand and would be interested in your current project once completed. Thanks.
Sunsets are so much better now w/ your music!
Loved seeing you(for the first time) this morning at the Lynx bus station's Christmas in July.It was nice talking to you and hear you lived in Bermuda as I had visited there once with my mom. Your music and talent and energy is great!!!!!!
Hey Patrick Maria How are you it was surly nice to haved seen you again in Downtown Disney and enjoying hearing your new songs now wow its hot and Congratulations and can t wait to see the Album for that and also the Song called : Under The Sea so excited : ) And again you truly do such a fantastic job and work hard for and remember wat God gives you in your life and accomplish is your dream of heart and be proud of wat you haved come this far and use your Talent : ) luv Maria
Hi Patrick Im Maria Im the one that was watching you at Downtown Disney with my co worker name Andrew and took a video of you to . And you sound so good and love your songs . And a big no . # 1 Fan of yours . And hope you can send me a copy of your song called : Under The Sea : ) Luv Maria forever
Met you in Downtown Disney in June 2015 purchased a couple of your cd's to play on our online radio station .. fantastic music will fit right in with our genre of music on Carijamz Radio
I enjoyed your performance this evening at Downtown Disney! I was delightfully surprised by all of the street performers. Have a magical day! Grins! Denny Miller Sebring, FL
Watching you at DTD! Big fan of the steel drum. Fantastic job sir!!!
My husband and I watched you in downtown disney recently and had a great time sipping drinks along to the brilliant entertainment you provided! Thanks especially for the great renditions of jimmy buffet!!
Loved hearing you at the Savanna Court assisted living cook out. You made my mom smile and dance, and for that I will be for ever grateful. Thank You Pam
Loving you and the sound of your music. Keep on playing what you play Patrick...
Wassup...Conchman!!! You look great brother :-) Fran
Really enjoyed listening to your performance at the market place. Was just curious, what equipment you use for your background music?
I was @ Bahama Breeze last Saturday. I was inside and walked outside on the patio to leave. As I was walking I hear this awesome band of 3 singing and playing music. I'm like wow, they're good! As I'm about leave I hear the conch shell, I instantly new it was Patrick Frost! I walk back and listen to the music for 15-20 minutes before I had* to leave. 10 out out of 10 rating.
Another 1/2 inch of snow last. Temperature in the teens. Needed an infusion of the Islands. Thanks!
We went to see Patrick Frost the entertainer tonight. It was a great show. From him playing the great songs of the Caribbean, to some of his own hits, and even new hit songs/Caribbean fusion was a blast. He is a great individual. He spent 10 plus minutes talking to us about various music topics. I actually felt bad I was taking up so much of his break time. He's just that nice where he appreciates his fans and takes the time to hang out.
My boyfriend and I see Patrick at multiple places. We have started to follow him because we enjoy the show so much. Very talented and different.
Oct. 7,2013 We meet when you were playing the shell & you came up close to my camera. It took awhile I uploaded it on youtube under my name. I can't share with you on Facebook. But you can try getting it. My hometown is Middleville,MI my pic is me on motorcycle in front of T/Pee in CrossVillage,MI.
We ebjoyed viewing some of your videos today! We specially enjoyed "Hot dog rice"
Two days in a row! The Conch Man: Patrick Frost is amazing!
And to think I knew you when
Ate dinner tonight at Bahama Breeze-Lake Bueana Vista...enjoyed the music. I am a school teacher and thinking of doing a house/pool party for our Parent Teacher Organization for our school here in Windermere. Seeing If I could get a reasonable rate for a couple hours of music. Thinking of Friday May 31 or Saturday June 1 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you, David Weisberg
Hi Patrick....Janice & I spoke to you last night at Downtown Disney & we enjoyed your music. I am having a party of about 60 guests later in the year at the Ramada Inn in Lakeland. There will be 3 other Performers including Elvis & Johnny Cash impersonators. This show will be funded by me for my friends and not as a business. What is the best deal you can give me for a one hour performance. This is to be geared towards the Caribbean music as wel as Jimmy Buffet and popular music for dancing. I am a friend of the Manager of the Ramada Inn & there is a possibility of you obtaining an occasional Gig there. I lookforward to a favourable reply. George 863-255-1279
Hi Pat, we met a few weeks ago in the convention center " NADA" National Car dealer show... At the Jazz Cafe stage. I work as a stage hand with Orlando local 835 & I'm a drummer/percussion and vocals. Thank you for shearing some time with me both you, Jim and Dru on that morning, I'm trying to add mysekf to the entertaiment part of the business. has some demos that demontrate my abilities, so you get to know me better. Thank you again, I have enjoyed your performance and meeting you guys and gal. Juan Torres (407) 535-2374
Patrick: hope you enjoyed your son's performance at the inauguration. Take care of your voice. Hope to see you next week at WDW.
Seen ya at DownTown Disney.. You was Great.. Hope to see ya at Old Town Sat. Bring some cd's to sell
Your talent never ceases to amaze me... !
Your music was perfect for our housewarming party. Very cool! Thanks again.
You're much creative, my respect for You!
Awesome Pat!! Great to call you friend!
I like your new website and it is always a joy to hear you play. Is there any instrument that you can not pick up and bust out a tune? Loving the steel drums on Tears Of A Clown.
Hi there Pat! Love your new website! Wishing you the best of luck where ever you go to share your music! Love Nicki
I enjoyed listening to your innovative music this July at Downtown Disney. My son recorded my dancing for posterity. Tiney Winey and all Byron Lee Soca, Ska and Reggae Are my favorites. I also have a 33 LP of the Talbot Brothers. I go way back.
Man, I dig your tunes. I should be passing thru after I finish this tour with that girl band . Let's hook up and play some music!!! Brett
check out my
was given your cd and shell! i have been blowing the conch about 9yrs. won a red ribbon at the 47 annual conch shell blowing contest in key west!!
Pat It's Brian Your greatest fan and duck hunter. Please call me at 614-561-4261
Pat It's been a long time. Please call me at 614-561-4261 Brian Gouhin I just heard about Joel Remember when we went duck hunting. Please call me Brian
You are too big to fail.
Wonderful website -- Great Reunion Photo of Stan -- Old Towne??? VA? when? 2009?
Love your new web look and the music is great. Keep up the good work. Love you Mom
Hey Pat, Just perused your site. Wow, it's great to see and hear your fabulous and unstoppable musicality once again after all these years! I see Deke and Doug Hunter have touched base, too. How exciting!
hi,dad I love your music
hello,I like your music I want to hire you for a new band called "clear" they are haveing a tour in NEWYORK for 20 days. call me at 407-560-7899 thanks
Pat, Is that you on the beach doing yoga?
Have a great vacation. Love you all
dad i love you
I share in the loss of Joel. He graduated high school in Cols, Oh with my brother,we gigged together, and he was a great friend.
That superlative of "most likely to succeed" from Hammy High has served you well! You're awesome on those drums and shells, great stuff... Do you do Rocky Top???
Happy happy Birthday to a great son, musician and father. Love you Keep up the good work
we heard you play at bahama are awsome! we will be in town june 24-26 and would like to hear you play. where is lake bryan exactly? is that in orlando? thank you! rita
Checking out your sight. (this is blacklungsjoe from youtube) I really enjoy learning about the couple other shell players in our country. If i'm ever in orlando can i sit in with you on shell?
Pat, it's always a pleasure playing on one of your projects. I hope Charles Neville likes "Bad Storm Comin' ". Maybe he'll play it for some of the other Nevilles, too. hey, alto flute and shell: the new combination. Want to hear the mix on your MySpace.
This is my first visit here. Nice job, Pat!
I Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I stil love your music after all these years!!Keep up the goooood work! :)
Nice job with the new song. =]
Thanks for the Christmas treat. Just the thing for this 75 degree Texas day we are having the week before Christmas. Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Hello Max and Maria.
The Conch Man Christmas is the best Christmas Card I ever recieved. All those music lessons weren't wasted. Love You Mom
Do you know where Fred Domulot is, Ive known him for many many years.He came to my house and visited in late 2004, I sold my home and moved to Ms, where I bought another home. Lost contact. Could you let him know my Email and phone # 601 444-9755. Just happened to run into this site and there he was a photo. Thanks so much
Enjoyed your page and your music.
Happened upon your great music on Sunday,8 Oct, when my son, grandson and I pulled our boat into the High Banks Marina and stopped at the Tiki Bar for lunch. Thank you for the great serenade. Loved the music and the conch shell sounds. We WILL be back to hear you. Thank you for your service (USAF).
Thanks for that Zappa DVD you lent me. I finally got around to watching it and enjoyed it thoroughly and just wanted you to know. Also, when's the new album coming out? =)
send wire to main office...tell them I said, "ouch". Got it!
Calender is spelled CALENDAR Thought I'd pass this along Bro...
hey dude long time no groove
Hope all well. Joan just got out of hospital. Working 4 pcs. Do you have any info on all FREE ?? ON ; i was worried it sound to good. ??? Drop a e-mail . Later d/w ; monday 5-22 ; 8;42 pm
i love you man
spoke to group member last nite about Reunion band playing for my wedding on july 1st... at grand cyprus....we live in mt dora area and would love to hear u play and hopefully sign for the wed... u can get me at email or fax 352-315-8438..........or home at 352 3857265.... this wil be a phillipine jewish wed,, we love oldies drifters type of music etc,,, thank you and hope we can make this happen dennis lauer .
Hey....Bubba Ho-Tep
I have a Luther Haigs (Dob Knotts in "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken) refrigerator magnet on the front of my steel drums. He made me laugh so much for so many years. I am saddened by his passing. Paul, Thanks for the message.
It was a sad day when I heard that Don Knotts passes away. Many believe that his greatest character was Barney, but they have not seen The Ghost of Mr. Chicken. Hope all is going well with you. Paul
hey dude.....happy new year
Nice site! :)
man you lookin good---i like that zappapopfunkdizzy lives on in your creative endeavors--you are an example to those of us who call ourselves "artists". iremember well it was you who introduced me to horace silver...magine dat.
Patrick, I wish you all the best. You are brilliant. I will keep in touch. I'm going to get some prime Frost cuts out and play the #@#@ out of them. It reminds me of the wonderful fact that I have been blessed in my life time to have had opportunities to be around genius like yours and Ken (Deke) Greenes. Doug Hunter
Hey. The years seem to have been good to you (since life in the 661st). Nice web site, too. I always ask Doug Hunter id he's heard from you, and he fills me in sometimes. Email me sometime if you get the chance. -deke
that's very nice Devin, tell Rick Mayo I said hello.
hello mr. frost. i reaaly enjoy your music.
i should be passing through sometime in march with a house of blues date
yeah.......they are moody chicks.....but the pay is great
Brett you are the best. Are you still in that all girl group?
hey man i was a tech out at pleasure and that drummer friend listened to one of my tunes in the back office.....i knew you had some cool tunes, too
Things are still should be out here. Everbody I give the cd to digs it hard.I am digging yor new stuff. Next time I tour through Orlando I will make time to do a hang and make some music.
It's nice to hear from you Brett. How are things going in L.A.?
I Love you.
Guess what? I've got a fever and the only cure for it is..... Yep, you guessed it.... "More Cowbell".
Hey Dude....................right on ......this site rocks!!!!!! You rock man.......can't wait to make more music. Brett
Hey Pat, remember me? I was the drummer in "The Glass Band" back in C'town in 81-83 during the heyday of TRO. Those were some great creative times back in the day (oops, I said it). I still have my TRO tapes and am proud of what we were able to pull off during those crazy all night sessions. I'm still gigging up here in Lansing, Michigan and would love to participate in some kind of temp-oral extension of our musical adolescence, sans the old lady's perfume of course. You can contact me via e-mail or through Bob J., when he is not busy in the hotel lobby. Good luck! p.s. Conch shells rule!!
Really cool . I enjoyed it all especially the new tunes and the song Modern. The duds are hip as well, I love the Island sounds and sites. Hows the Spuds down there?
I don't like eggs with every meal.
Pat, You probably do not remember me. I graduated in '76 from HTHS and was in band with you. I remember your love for music and the band. It so good to see you doing what you love. We were just in Orlando in Feb. with our marching band (doing the Disney thing). Do you ever hear from Craig Fuller? Good luck...and maybe we'll see you in FL sometime.
very cool's mama?
Coco Loco rocks North Orlando Kiwanis Little League!! Can't wait to see you and the boys in the cage again (batting cage, that is)!!! You're great! All the parents and players are looking forward to you coming to play and are very excited to end the season with the band again this year!
I love you.I like your music.biby dady. guys are pretty good. Tell me, are ya Loco?
Pat,we'd love to come see u play. We'll be in FL April 10- April 18. Will you be performing anywhere? I have a 14 year old that plays steel drums and I told him about you. Let me know, take care. Paula (old neighbor) HaHa
Hey Uncle Pat..w00t w00t hurray for you and your website! I love you!!
That's the ticket, Pat!
This looks like some of Bob's Foolishness!